This is how two robot arms assembled sneakers at the recent Simac footwear machinery show in Milan. Source: The Footwearists, Vimeo.

At the recent Simac footwear machinery show The Footwearists presented a micro footwear factory with 3D printers. Source: The Footwearists, Vimeo.

Granary's Olya Kuryshchuk, interviewed in Copenhagen about VOID at CIFF, February 2018. Source: SHOWstudio, YouTube.

Mike Friton, one of the original members of Nike's Innovation Kitchen and responsible for famous Nike styles like the Presto and the Nike Woven, talks about the issues with shoe lasts that can hinder free movement of the foot. Source: The Footwearists, Vimeo.

Donatella Versace talks to Eva Chen about diving into the archives for the Versace Tribute collection at the Saks Fifth Avenue New York City flagship store. Source: Versace, YouTube.

Daniel Mensch goes in debate with three fashion industry veterans: Geert Bruloot, Bruno Pieters and Elin Larsson. Source: Flanders DC, YouTube

Dirk Schönberger has been steering the creative wheel at adidas since 2010. It was Schönberger who was responsible for the idea of bringing collaborative partners such as Raf Simons and Pharrell Williams on board, he also was one of the key players supporting the relaunch of the iconic Stan Smith sneaker. […]

NRW Marketing Award nominated 2018 - Heuvel Eindhoven. Source: Nederlandse Raad Winkelcentra, YouTube.

In British GQ and Gucci’s original video series ‘The Performers’ Act VI, post punk dancer Michael Clark performs in Tokyo’s love hotels and in a bath house. Source: Gucci, YouTube.

Via Design graduate Fashion Design students showed their collections at Copenhagen International Fashion Fair and Copenhagen Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2018-19. Source: CIFF, Vimeo

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