New Table Talk Programme at SEEK and PREMIUM

Berlin, 10 December 2019 – Necessity is the mother of invention. As the industry’s most bustling connectors, the teams behind SEEK and PREMIUM once again invite the game-changers of the fashion world to discuss a responsible future, exchange and transfer knowledge within and beyond the fashion industry. From 14-16 January 2020, experts will gather at PREMIUM and SEEK to share, connect, benefit from each other and start new, good collaborations with other brands, buyers and experts.

Hall 3 at PREMIUM, STATION Berlin

“The fashion industry is among the biggest polluters on Earth. As a trade show organiser we feel obliged to act responsibly and to play our part,” says Alina Hahn (SEEK). “The key players already converge at our trade shows. Thanks to the new content platforms we can now give exhibitors, experts and buyers a stage where they can share valuable knowledge and experience and have a crucial impact. With each other, not against each other!”

Several Table Talks and Networking Rounds with and by visionary speakers from the industry will take place at PREMIUM and the new FASHIONTECH Studio at SEEK. To guarantee the relevance of the topics and line-up, the PREMIUM GROUP project team got support from Dorothee Sarah Speha, DS Agency, and Mathilde Charpail and Olga Johnston Antonova from Sustain Your Style.

"Sustainability is leaving its niche and manifesting within big events and fashion platforms", explains Sustainable Culture Advisor Dorothee Sarah Speha (DS Agency). "Being a part of the Responsible Future Project of PREMIUM and SEEK is a great chance to help shaping how we can create an authentic sustainable momentum."

The stages will be at SEEK’s Glashaus at the back of Arena Berlin and in PREMIUM’s popular Hall 3 in the heart of STATION-Berlin.

We hereby invite you to join the programme, enrich the discussions and be part of the movement!

New Table Talk Programme at SEEK and PREMIUM

FASHIONTECH Studio at SEEK, 14 January 2020

11:30 Opening

11:30-12:30 Panel – ABC of sustainable fashion

Sustain Your Style, Olga Johnston Antonova
Jungle Folk, Pauline Marie Treis, Founder & CEO

12:30-12:45 Networking

13:00-13:45 TableTalk – New Nordic Sustainability

Tretorn, Frederik Ekström, Creative Director
Sandqvist, Hendrik Lindholm, Sustainability Manager
Ganni, Rune Orloff, Sustainability Consultant
Skall Studio

13:45-14:00 Networking

14:15-15:15 Panel – Denim & Sustainability

Sustain Your Style, Mathilde Charpail, Founder
Kings of Indigo, Tony Tonnaer, Founder/CEO
Benzak Denim Developers

15:15-15:30 Networking

15:45-16:30 Table Talk – Radical Transparency as a branding strategy

Pssbl, Marc Finsterlin, Founder
Merz b. Schwanen, Gitta Plotnicki, Creative Director
Sourcebook, Marte Henschel, Founder/CEO Veja

17:00-18:30 Get Along Get-Together

SEEK Textilwirtschaft
Sportswear International


11:30 Opening

11:30-12:30 Panel – ABC of sustainable fashion

Sustain Your Style, Mathilde Charpail, Founder
Avocadostore, Mimi Sewalski, Managing Director
Designplus, Meike Finkelnburg & Peter Groß, Managing Directors
M5, Sven Wandres, Executive Board
Womsh, Giulia Quaglia, Digital Marketing & Communication

12:30-12:45 Networking

13:00-14:00 TableTalk – Trying on Sustainability – Capsule Collections!

Armedangels, Martin Höfeler, Founder/CEO
Gant, Jessica Cederberg, Global Head of Sustainability

14:00-14:15 Networking

14:30-15:30 Panel – Denim & Sustainability

Sustain Your Style, Olga Johnston Antonova
Armedangels, Lavina Muth, CR Manager

15:30-15:45 Networking

16:00-17:00 Table Talk – "Sustainability"

Norden, Mayer Vafi, Co-Founder
Blackbird, Katahrina Schnäcker
Ecoalf, Javier Goyeneche, CEO
Nice to have Mag

17:00-17:15 Networking

New Table Talk Programme at SEEK and PREMIUM


DS Agency: Dorothee Sarah Spehar is a Fashion Sustainability Consultant and Textile Diversity Specialist working and living between Berlin, Copenhagen and New York. Additionally to her studies at Amsterdam Fashion Institute she holds a Design & Business degree specialised in Sustainable Supply Chain Management for Textile Businesses from KEA Copenhagen. Prior to her entrepreneurial projects, DS spent 10+ years with international retailers, in fashion PR and in fashion event production. Amongst other clients she is currently working with Control Union Europe as a textile auditor & compliance trainer all around the world. Her work with DS AGENCY focuses on supply chain transparency, compliance guidance and the motivation to explore new disrupted creative markets through retail and wholesale events.

Mathilde Charpail: After 10 years’ experience in supply chain, finance, and legal management in different sectors, Mathilde Charpail founded Sustain Your Style and Sustainable Identity in 2017. Sustain Your Style is an online platform raising awareness of fashion and sustainability. The webpage now receives over 22k unique visitors per month and has 15k followers on Instagram. In recent years, among other activities, Mathilde Charpail has established herself as an expert and consultant in sustainability matters for the fashion industry.

Olga Johnston Antonova: Olga Johnston Antonova is an opinion leader in sustainable fashion in Russia. She has launched sustainable fashion brands and products in Russia and Ukraine; introduced sustainability education to fashion schools and universities in Russia and Eastern Europe; created the first sustainable and circular fashion community for Russian language speakers; and has been publishing extensively in the Russian media on the topic of sustainable fashion, conscious consumption and circular economy. Olga's personal style is a signifier of the beauty of sustainable fashion. She uses her talent for styling and love of beautiful things to communicate the idea that sustainability provides truly beautiful solutions for those who seek a unique, inimitable personal style.


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