As one of the world’s leading luxury womenswear brands, ESCADA represents effortless elegance, feminine strength, and the modern woman of today. The brand, founded in 1978 by Margaretha Ley stands out through its wide range of colourways and prints, exceptional quality, perfect fit and love for detail. Being a former model and having a solid education in tailoring from the Royal Court in Stockholm, Margaretha Ley had an extraordinary feel for colors, an eye for detail and a true sense for what women desired – styles that portrayed femininity in a creative and effortless way. 1978 saw the first presentation of the ESCADA womenswear collection, which was praised internationally for its exquisite inlays and appliques. Through the two product lines, ESCADA and ESCADA SPORT, the brand offers its customers covetable looks for every occasion. From fun daytime ensembles, to head-turning eveningwear, shoes, bags and accessories.

ESCADA’s main line represents sophistication at its finest, focusing on effortless elegance and feminine strength as the backbone of inspiration. With the aim of dressing women appropriately for each occasion, the main line offers a lifestyle concept filled with must-have chic daytime ensembles to sophisticated business wear and head-turning gowns for red carpet occasions. Bold color combinations, opulent embroideries, eye-catching pattern ways and prints endow the ESCADA main line.

The ESCADA SPORT line stands for metropolitan casual dressing in a colourful and new-elegant way. From everyday casual-chic ensembles to printed dresses, the ESCADA SPORT line represents the playful, more relaxed side of the brand with a carefree and elevated attitude towards fashion but always true to the ESCADA values.

In 1978, Margaretha and Wolfgang Ley launched ESCADA: a luxury brand rooted in confident and elegant femininity, and determined to democratize the exacting values of haute couture. Offering an imaginative vision of ready-to-wear executed with exacting finesse, ESCADA quickly became renowned for its audacious aesthetic – one that spoke directly to the spirit of the 1980s, and quickly found a following from the supermodels and celebrities to women seeking affordable yet elevated designs.  Margaretha’s own experience as a model informed the facets that came to define ESCADA: an intimate understanding of tailoring; an eye for colour and print; a devotion to detail.

Within a decade, the house had expanded into a global pioneer, celebrated for its red carpet glamour and refined suiting alike, beloved by icons from Claudia Schiffer to Naomi Campbell. After Marageretha’s death in 1992, newly appointed creative director Brian Rennie upheld the ESCADA identity while adapting the house codes towards the low-key aesthetic of the nineties, introducing Escada Sport and a pared-back modernity to the brand.

Now under the creative direction of Niall Sloan, ESCADA has entered a new chapter: rooted in Margaretha’s original vision but given a distinctly contemporary twist. September 2018 marks the brand’s inaugural runway show at New York Fashion Week: a revival of the core ESCADA codes, refracted through a modern lens. Today, ESCADA represents the same values as it ever did – bold femininity and democracy of design – but revived anew.

As a dynamic and innovative international company, we are looking for new talents to join our international team. Whether your skills lie within luxury fashion, marketing, creative design, technology or logistics, ESCADA can offer you a broad range of challenging roles in a unique environment.

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