Eclat de Mode: New dates

Dive into a universe where 500 labels carefully selected display their Fall/Winter 2012-13

collections. 53% of the exhibitors are from 40 countries, grouped together in 6 universes:
  • CREAM by ECLAT DE MODE: the "Glam-Chic" area reserved for a selection of 45 talents.
  • GOLD BY ECLAT DE MODE: the sector dedicated exclusively to the fine and gold jewellery.
  • Fashion, Designer, Haute Couture Jewellery
  • Precious metal : silver, gold plated, steel jewellery and Watches
  • Fashion Accessories
  • « elements »: supplies and finishings.

For the first time in its history, Eclat de Mode – Bijorhca will take place from Saturday, 30 June to Tuesday, 3 July2012: why have we decided to bring forward the date for our autumn/winter shows?

In June this year, WSN Développement announced that the shows Who’s Next, Première Classe, Prêt-à-Porter Paris® and Mess Around would be coming together under one banner. This alliance also signals a change of dates, with the September session moving to Saturday 30 June – Tuesday 3 July 2012.

Before bringing the show forward, we consulted our exhibitors and buyers extensively at the most recent session. After careful consideration of their responses and the reasons they gave, we liaised with the shows’ key partners. Most exhibitors and buyers agree that it is crucial to take advantage of the synergy between Eclat de Mode – Bijorhca and the other fashion events.

For many, this new show date is a great opportunity to preview the new collections and place their orders before the summer, thus ensuring delivery before September. This will make it easier to predict restocking needs.

As a result, we have decided to hold the show from Saturday 30 June to Tuesday 3 July 2012. We will continue to occupy Hall 5 at Paris Expo, Porte de Versailles


“The new date fits in with the dates of other fashion shows. This gives us a broader overview of what’s new next season and enables us to anticipate trends and designs. Also, September is when everyone goes back to work after the summer and the previous dates always clashed with our AGM.”
Buyer, costume jewellery boutique " Valloret Pépite d'Or ", Mourières-lès-Avignon - France

"[...] I think the new date’s a good idea because you’re more likely to receive delivery of your orders earlier.”
Buyer, costume jewellery boutique "Au clips", Bordeaux - France “The new date is a great idea because it means we’ll be able to get a more complete picture of the sector. It also means we’ll be able to work at a more even pace in the second half of the year.”
Buyer, watch and fine jewellery boutique "Baulant", Epernay - France

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