VeldhovenGroup and FashionUnited expand their relationship internationally

The VeldhovenGroup designs, produces and markets European fashion brands, including the iconic labels Sandwich, Turnover, DEPT and Olsen.

Although its strength lies in its fashion brands, which sit in the mid-segment womenswear market, the group maintains that its core business has always been driven by its values: Personal, Authentic, Loyal and Design-driven. As an independent, family business, which also owns much its supply chain, the Group is able to apply these values throughout its entire production chain. By striving for operational excellence and long-term relationships with all business partners, the VeldhovenGroup is constantly pushing these values forward every step of the way. With headquarters in Switzerland, design teams and ateliers in Amsterdam, and numerous production centers, offices and showrooms spread across the map, the VeldhovenGroup is also proud to define itself as a global company.

VeldhovenGroup partners can be assured of working with a “professional world player”

The VeldhovenGroup believes in managing its business fairly and professionally, striving to serve all partners with integrity, quality and care, whilst working alongside with suppliers who share the same vision and aim to help achieve their aspirations. Partners are assured of working with a solid, professional world player and can expect consistent quality, timely deliveries within a world of knowledge. A cultivated, talented team has developed a collaborative culture which is a pleasure to work in.

As the Group continues to expand in new areas, as does its relationships with its partners. VeldhovenGroup is currently present in several countries, such as Switzerland, Italy, Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands, where it all began 7 years ago. The Netherlands is also where VeldhovenGroup first began its relationship with FashionUnited, leading International B2B fashion platform, a relationship which has expanded over the years and continues to strengthen.

VeldhovenGroup and Fashionunited strengthen their relationship

“Over the past 7 years I have been in contact with 3 very important stakeholders of FashionUnited,” commented Sultana Soussi, Recruitment, Talent and Career Development Manager at the VeldhovenGroup. “Over the years FashionUnited has been a trustworthy and valuable business partner for VeldhovenGroup and both parties are extremely happy with that we are strengthening our relationship!”

“I trust that FashionUnited will continue to support and advise us, as they have always done over the past seven years. Not only by posting job vacancies, but also by working together on our international visibility from a brand perspective. Our relationship mainly revolves around how can we work more effectively and sustainably, whilst offering different solutions. It has been a pleasure working with FashionUnited and we are looking forward to the future where we hope to expand our relationship in several other countries.”

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