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WHITE at the Side of Italian SMEs. The Project With Sicilian Region Starts: Focus on Sicily

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19. Feb. 2020


As part of the ongoing promotion of Italian savoir-faire, a special project has been set up in partnership with the Sicilian Regional Assembly’s Department for Manufacturing, using funding allocated under action 3.4.1 PO FESR 2014/2020. WHITE presents 41 Sicilian brands, which will be showing off their creativity at the Tortona Fashion District (Tortona 31 and 35). After a scouting mission carried out all over Sicily, WHITE identify a selection of companies and small businesses that are now being brought to a wider audience during the show, and through a series of photos and videos made for the occasion by WHITE. The campaigns were shot on location in Palermo, in two historic Art nouveau villas – Villino Florio and Villa Virginia – which were opened up for the first time, providing a unique set for presenting these “Made in Sicily” creations. The resulting photos and videos will also be promoted across all of the WHITE Show’s channels and through a selection of media partners.

Massimiliano Bizzi, founder of WHITE, comments: “All these initiatives, together with the attention we are giving to production models, will reward Made in Italy companies and will give further value to Italian know-how, showing that low cost is now yielding because it is not more sustainable, from many points of view “.

Girolamo Turano, the Councilor for Productive Activities of the Sicilian Region, concludes: "Sicilian fashion is a growing sector with extraordinary potential, as shown by the numbers of the companies selected for White Milano. The collaboration with White is part of the wider strategy of the Sicilian Region which aims to support companies in successfully facing the challenge of internationalization in an increasingly competitive and selective market which, however, appreciates made in Italy and in particular made in Sicily "


Cettina Bucca Fine tailoring and deeply-felt emotions, with long dresses and fairytale prints. The brand debuts a collection of special accessories, from velvet shoes to neckwarmers and wooden belts.

Asciari The embodiment of high-quality, timeless, understated style. This time the collection is inspired by the special blend of innovation and tradition found in English culture.

Sartoria Maqueda Creative tailoring and limited edition pieces, with a subtle anti-waste ethos.

Bellino What began as a boutique is now a label in its own right. Sober, impeccably-cut linen garments and locally-made knitwear in merino wool and cashmere.

Eugenio Vazzano Ancient Sicilian craft techniques meet international style, with dresses, kimonos, babouche slippers and sash belts, made from precious “scraps” in the colours of the designer’s native region.

Gullo Filati This historic haberdasher’s shop reinvented itself as a knitting café, with a positive impact on the community; now it’s pouring its knitting and weaving expertise into its own label, producing unique pieces.

La Vie en Rosalia A memorable, charming name for this glamourous capsule collection by La Vie en Rose, which pays homage to Palermo’s patron saint (and Sicilian cultural heritage in general).

DueRRuote Dresses with prints inspired by Sicily’s traditional decorated carts, immortalising them forever. A fresh image that can be exported to all four corners of the world.

Colori del Sole A brand that champions slow fashion manufacturing, and produces decorative textiles, bags, and T-shirts for leisure wear. All strictly hand-printed, with artistic patterns.

Salvina Raniolo A furrier with decades of experience. She started out in the Sixties and is living proof of how Sicilian womanhood has evolved, while keeping the focus on artisanal skill.

MV Marianna Vigneri A Palermo brand designed for women who live life to the full: fashion should never overpower the figure; it should gently draw out its character instead.

MAD di Marzia Donzelli For everyday wear, an Italian-made label inspired by the energy of the Aeolian Islands. Featuring contrasting colours and textures, dresses, suits, accessories and versatile jewellery.

Vuedu Ironic structural geometries, for a minimal look: that’s the collection designed by architect Daniela Vinciguerra, who takes inspiration from collage for her upcoming autumn collection.

Mollo Tutto Launched on the island of Lipari in 2014 by Palermo-born artist Natalie Rossi, this brand is driven by freedom and a love of the sailing lifestyle. All made in Italy using natural materials.

NN Couture explores world traditions and makes them its own; this time, at White the star pieces are kaftans crafted from antique Indian jacquard fabrics that are impossible to reproduce.

Filly Biz are unique dresses designed by Filly Cusenza, an artist who specialises in fibre art (art made using textiles fibres).

Suahru Conceived by three sisters from Palermo, this beachwear brand celebrates the sensuality of the human body.

Bisso Milano is what happens when the Sicilian sense of rich decoration meets dynamic Milanese minimalism.

Mariella Gennarino Maison The more aristocratic side of Sicily, as described in “The Leopard”. Elegant, prêt-à-porter wedding dresses that travel from the heart of Catania to the global jet set.


Salvatore Sardisco this prestigious, family-run Italian brand was founded in the 1970s, and makes impeccably-crafted bags with high-impact designs.

23é Limited Edition transforms pre- and post-consumer waste into special accessories: this season, discarded umbrellas have been used to create headwear and couture rain capes.

Allù Jewels handmade jewellery with a strong sense of geometry and colour. Founder Chiara Raimondi has turned her hobby into a full-time passion.

Sicily Home Collection With 15 years of experience in home décor, this company presents lamps and runners, bags and foulards, made in Messina with a distinctly Mediterranean aesthetic.

Marinella Stornello BaroccOro Jewels The Sicilian tradition of Caltagirone ceramics is combined with volcanic rock, pearls and gemstones, to create precious miniature objects along with colourful scarves.

Federico Price The art of reuse. Taking a stand against fast fashion, this designer creates bags using existing materials carefully sourced around the world, and giving work to local artisans.

Filotessuto “Chiaccherino” is a traditional kind of lace and is the star of Jessica Pirino’s statement earrings, using pearls, gemstones and crystals, with a small screenprinted central motif depicting a Sicilian icon.

Jadise Massimiliano d’Angelo’s bags take their cues from past, but look to the future: featuring fine leathers and deep colours, with distinctive details such as the rope handles.

Kalliopecasa TM Offcuts from the furnishings sector are given a second lease of life in these bags.

Antoniani High fashion bags, driven by two sisters’ love for their seamstress grandmother. Featuring original juxtapositions and techniques, with an ever-greater interest in sustainable innovation.

Duci Jewelry di Martina Ciaccio Bold statement jewellery designed by Martina Ciaccio, inspired by the prickly pear cactus.

Roberto Intorre Gioielleria Contemporanea Stunning handmade jewellery with a strong cultural symbolism.

Gate Trentuno Quality bags with an elegant, cheerful style, for the optimistic woman.

Vitussi Artistic trunk bags with fun, sculptural handles. There’s a surprise in store at White: the Bisenzia bag covered in grass – you have to water it to wear it!

Gattacci Audacious, lightweight Plexiglas jewellery and clutch bags, beautifully designed but with minimalist styling.

SpazioiF Functional bags that resist stereotypes: the rough cuts and stitching bring out the character of the leather, while the adaptable forms interact with the wearer’s body as they take on different shapes.

Le Camene Tanya Fiandaca’s framed bags are like paintings to be displayed on a wall. They are the result of a team effort, between master carpenters, upholsterers and ceramists.

Danima Safeguarding ceramics and producing a positive social impact on the region, from Caltagirone to Sciacca, is the mission behind Emanuela Bertino’s jewellery and velvet headbands.

Daniè made in Sicily Daniela Napolitano initially wanted to be a precious stone setter, but as destiny would have it, she “sets” decorations and recycled trimmings to make her iconic straw “coffa” bags.

Tizzini Featuring fine fabrics, tiny mirrors and handmade appliqué, there’s so much love for traditional Sicilian basket bags that along with shoes, dresses and jewellery, “coffa skirts” can be seen at White too.

Giuliana di Franco Gioielli Iconic jewellery featuring the classic Sicilian symbols, staying faithful to the island’s natural and cultural heritage.

Paola Parrinello Jewellery Another fan of “chiacchierino” lace presents bling-bling pendants that are so decorative and versatile that they can elevate any outfit.

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