A new era of sustainability is upon us, based on a growing awareness of our personal wellbeing and the impacts of pollution on our planet. The digital landscape facilitates constant and instant acces

Meinung. Das Geschäftsmodell der Fast-Fashion-Ketten hat sich auch im Jahr 2019, im Zeitalter der Nachhaltigkeit, nicht wesentlich verändert. Im Einzelhandel sehen wir immer noch ganze Klei

Fashion expert, Zoe Hong shares with us some of the fashion industry's flaws and how we can change them. Source: Zoe Hong, YouTube.

Die negativen Auswirkungen der Modebranche auf die Umwelt lassen sich nicht länger verleugnen. Mehr als 16 Millionen Tonnen Textilabfälle werden jedes Jahr allein in den Vereinigten Staaten

Amsterdam - Die Kingpins-Messe, die vom 10. bis 11. April in Amsterdam stattfindet, bringt erneut Branchenexperten zusammen und präsentiert die neuesten Trends und Innovationen, die die Welt des

Rotterdam - Auf der diesjährigen Veranstaltung MaterialDistrict in Rotterdam, wurden die neuesten innovativen Materialien sowohl der Modebranche als auch darüber hinaus vorgestellt. Pelzm&a

Lauren Singer (Founder, Trash is for Tossers; The Simply Co) and Daniel Silverstein (Founder, Zero Waste Daniel) are the co-founders of Package Free Shop, a zero waste store in Brooklyn, NY. Source

Meet Daniel Silverstein, the mind and hands behind Zero Waste Daniel, a completely zero-waste line of fashion that is 100% made from fabric scraps from other fashion designers and factories. Each pie

Cara joins the finalists at Hong Kong’s CENTRESTAGE, where the Redress Design Award Grand Final takes place in front of the region’s fashion elite. We go backstage as the designers’

Judging day has arrived. Our nerve-wracked finalists have only three minutes to present their collections to our panel of industry experts, including Denise Ho, Fashion Director of The R Collecti

In Episode 1 Cara delves into the 'What is sustainable fashion?' question as she gets to know our Redress Design Award finalists. Hailing from all corners of the world, we learn the emerging design

In this episode of the series Frontline Fashion, we follow the journey of Redress Design Award winner Jesse Lee to see why sustainable fashion begins at home. Source: Youtube, RedressAsia

Discover the future of sustainable style with "Frontline Fashion 3" digital mini series created by Redress, which follows talented emerging fashion designers. Source: Youtube, RedressAsia

Learn about the activities of ClickNL, an initiative to solve the most pertinent questions in the fashion system, and invent fashion for tomorrow. Source: Future Makers, Vimeo, ClickNL

Increasing consumer concern pushes fashion brands to embrace radical transparency and sustainable production methods. Source: Youtube, BoF

Fashion brands are increasingly under pressure to make manufacturing practices more transparent, and brands like Nike are making their data available to industry watchdogs and the general public alik

How much do people care about sustainability when they buy clothes? Three reports published in the last three weeks provide varying answers, all of them agreeing consumers factor it in. Source: FSWIR

The Positive Chain of Change - Official Trailer Source: Chanel Trapman, YouTube.

Farmers in the Drip Pool Programme have been able to enjoy a 31% higher net income from their cotton cultivation compared with farmers that are not using drip irrigation. Gurgaon, India, 15 November

Catwalk to Creation is the journey or two sustainable garments, in reverse. Source: Global Sustainability Film Awards, Youtube